Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentines/Anti-Valentines Day Nail Art Contest

Ok so I've never held a nail art contest so if anyone has any other recommendations I am all ears....On to what I've come up with!! 
1. The theme for your mani must be Valentines/Anti-Valentines
2. No red or pink allowed
3. Creativity is key, not skill level
4. I can only ship to USA addresses so as long as your prize can be shipped to the US everyone is welcome to enter
5.  All entries must be on your fingers, please no nail wheels
6. There will be 3 prizes
   a. Most "likes"
   b. Most creative
   c. The last one will be chosen by 3 people I have asked to
       choose their favorite
7. I just want this to be fun for everyone!!!!  So that means have
8. Email me your entries to or just
    share them on Glitter Me This's Facebook page and I will create an album to share with everyone

Like I said I just want this to be fun!!!  And I think I've given enough time so no one feels rushed to come up with something!!  Can't wait to see everyones designs!! Until next time...


  1. What is the deadline for this contest?

  2. When does this start and im confused!!!!!!

  3. This sounds so fun! Already brainstorming ideas!

  4. Does it matter if I post my mani on my blog at the same time that I enter it in the contest? Can we do more than 1 entry? Thanks! I just have so many ideas!