Friday, January 4, 2013

The Relaxed 31 Day Challenge-Green

Hello to all my nail nuts!!  It's Friday!!  And it's another day of the Relaxed 31 day challenge brought to us by Manicurity and The Geeky Owl!!  For todays challenge we have green!  for this challenge I used

Cherimoya-Emerald Step 3
Glitter Me This-Sex Bob-Omb

Here is the Cherimoya by itself

And here is the glitter polish on the accent nails
I also have a shot of Cherimoya-Emerald Step 4 that I had on my computer...
Here is that polish
 This one is much lighter than Step 3 but both have amazing coverage in just one coat and the colors are gorgeous!!  Don't forget to check out the other participants below!  Until next time...