Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Relaxed 31 Day Challenge-Yellow

Hey everybody!!  Another day, another challenge!!  For todays relaxed 31 day challenge we have yellow!  I have a few yellows but not many because I never think it looks very good on me.  So for today I used a yellow that I created from my Rainbow Brights collection topped off with Scott Pilgrim from my Scott Pilgrim collection! 
Here are the polishes
And here are the results
I love creating polishes!  It's so much fun!!  You can check out more at my etsy store if you would like!!  And don't forget to check out the other designs for this challenge!!


  1. Whatttttt you're doing two 31 day challenges?! You're crazy girl!! But I can't wait to see what you do! Beautiful nails I just love your polishes!! :D

  2. You must love chaos doing two challenges!! LOL!! But I love your polishes in this challenge!

  3. OMG, SCOTT PILGRIM POLISH?! MUST HAVE! Love this mani; great polishes ;D