Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Relaxed 31 Day Challenge-Polka Dots

Hey everybody!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  For todays challenge we have polka dots!!  Lovin the polka dots!  It's an easy and fun way to add a little something to a plain mani!!  For this mani used
China Glaze-Electric Beat, Aquadelic, Gothic Lolita, and Sweet Hook 
And this is how it turned out
Don't forget to check out the other fun designs for this challenge below!! Until next time...


  1. So cute! The colors remind me of spring time!

  2. Love polka dots! And as always your dots are freaking perfect! Lol beautiful color combo too!! :)

  3. Love the colors! Your nail length looks super pretty in this photo, too - makes me want to file mine :P

    1. I try to keep them around this length so i never break a nail!! And (knock on wood) I haven't broke one in years!!! Thanks!!

  4. Ooh! I am loving all these colors together!