Monday, October 15, 2012

This is Halloween Challenge-Zombies

Let me start by saying this was super hard.  There are soo many zombie movies and video games that I love it was hard to just choose one.  But I finally did and I decided on Highschool of the Dead (H.O.T.D.).  If you would like to see more info you can check here. This is an anime series that I know was available on Netflix but I'm not positive if it still is.  Anyways, awesome!!  The zombies in this series are blind, too.  How perfect right?  But of course no one on the show can keep their mouth shut... 
So here is the inspiration
And here are the polishes I used
Model Own-Snow White
Sinful Colors-Gogo Girl
OPI-Get in the Expresso Lane
Pure Ice-Black Out
And then here are the results
This was so much fun!!  I tried to make my thumb nail look gross so don't be a smartass and tell me I forgot to do clean up or anything, please!  Hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to see everyone elses!!  Until next time...


  1. Wow these are so cool! What a good idea taking inspiration from movies and games. Awesome! :)

    1. Thanks!! There were quite a few I had in mind like Dead Island and Left for Dead and Red Dead Redemption and then the list of movies is endless. But in the end I'm pleased with my decision.