Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sinful Colors-Rain Storm w/ Howling Moon

I'm super excited for this one because I saw this polish on another blog and couldn't wait to get it and try it!!!  You can check out the original blog post by Short 'n Chic here.  I wasn't quite sure how to incorporate this with a Halloween theme but I finally figured it out.  I topped it with Howling Moon by Charm Your Nails.  That link will take you to her Facebook page where there is a link to her etsy shop.  When you get some time, check her out. Great indie polishes!!  Now, on to my mani!!  The polishes used
Sinful Colors-Rain Storm
Charm Your Nails-Howling Moon
Here they are
And here are the results with a flash

And without the flash
I think without a flash shows the color a little more true.  Either way I'm loving this color!!  Don't forget I'm having a giveaway and everyone should enter!!!  Thanks for popping in!  Until next time...

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