Friday, October 19, 2012

This is Halloween-Bats

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I'm excited because Friday means This is Halloween challenge day!!!  For today's challenge we have bats!  How fun!  For this mani I used a new polish I just got from Models Own.  It's called Mixed Up and is AWESOME!  It's a sheer black base with tons of holo glitter!  I thought it would make a good background because it reminds me of night sky.  I used this polish over a black base for the "sky" and I had to mix 2 polishes together for the color of the "moon".  The polishes I used are
Models Own-Mixed Up
Pure Ice-Black Out
Here are the polishes
And here are the results
The Models Own polish is awesome!  I can't say enough good things about their polishes!  And I love these challenges!
And as much as I love doing them, I really love seeing everyones designs.  It's so fun!!!  Until next time...
P.S. To all the other participants I am sorry but I can't get this link to work.  I pasted it but as you can see, nothing!

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