Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Purple glitter polish made by yours truly!

Hello everybody!!!  For todays post I have a glitter polish made by me!!!  I really didn't think I would find something as enjoyable to me as painting my nails but I surely have!  Making polish is (almost) as great!  Today I used a black based polish that I added TONS of purple glitter to.  Purple glitter of all sizes.  There is dust and hex and even some bar glitters!  And I'm lovin' the way it looks.  Now I had the same problem trying to photograph this polish as I did with the other purple mix I made...it looks brown in the pics in the bottle.  So please forgive the picture for looking kind of gross.  Here it is
With a flash
And without the flash
Without the flash shows the color more true.  It's a deep purple.  I don't really like the way it shows up with the flash but, meh.  I almost forgot, for this mani I used
 Kleancolors-Wicked Plum
Hand made polish-By Glitter Me This
Again, please forgive the picture..it does not do this polish any justice.  Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!!  Until next time...

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