Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blackheart-Beautiful Revenge

Hello everybody!!!  Today I have an awesome polish to share with you!!  I saw this online and fell in love!!  It's available at Hot Topic and you can see it here.  I guess the brand is Blackheart and this polish is called Beautiful Revenge.  And BEAUTIFUL it is.  I love red glitter and this one is packed full of it!  It also comes in a little skull bottle which I find Halloween appropriate,  This polish applies easily and there is no effort with the glitter!  One coat is sufficient if used over undies.  If applied alone you could use about 4 coats for opaqueness.
Here's a shot of the bottle
How badass is that?!?
And for the mani I used
Sinful Colors-Black on Black for the undies and here's how it turned out
With a flash
And without

I love love love this polish!!  I'm trying to do a Halloween type mani for the entire month of October except for my Breast Cancer Awareness manis.  I don't know if this is really Halloween like, but the bottle makes it so for sure!  I have 2 other polishes that are similar to this one and I'm thinking I should do a comparison of the 3.  The other 2 are NYC-Dorothy and Once Upon a Polish-Poison Apple.  Poison Apple is a new polish fron the indie maker Once Upon a Polish that I just picked up.  It looks beautiful and I can't wait to try it out!!  More about that later!   Hope you enjoyed!  Until next time...

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