Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Hello and thanks for stopping by!!!  I completely forgot to do this post last week!!!  So for today I thought I'd do a comparison of 3 different pinks!!  This is my first comparison, but I love it when other bloggers do them so I hope you all enjoy mine!!!  For this comparison I used
Thumb-Sinful Colors-Pink Forever
Pointer and Middle-Zoya-Shelby
Ring and Pinkie-Maybelline-Chiffon Chic
Here are the polishes
And here is how they look
The Sinful Colors is a little bit darker than the other 2 but I must say the Maybelline and Zoya are dead on look-a-likes!!!  So if you want the beauty of the color you could spend about $5 less and get the same great color and coverage from the Maybelline!!!  Until next time....

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