Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flip/Flop 28 Day Challenge-3D and Glitter Bomb

Hey everyone!!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!!  I was super sick yesterday so I didn't do my post so today I am doing 2 challenges.  For the first one I chose to do the 3D option.  The other option was decals.  For this mani I used
China Glaze-Gaga For Green and silver Clavier
And here is how that one turned out
It's actually kind of hard to fill every little space with the caviar beads!!!
For the second mani I went with the glitter bomb option.  The other option was fan brush.  I like the look of the fan brush design but I need some major improvement on those skills before I go showing you all!!  For this mani I used
Glitter Me This in a black jelly base with small, medium, and diamond pink glitter!!
And here is what that looks like
Don't for get to check out the other manis for these challenges below!!  Nevermind, I can't get the link thing to work again!!  Until next time...

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