Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Striping Tape Tutorial

Hello everybody!!  At the request of a fan of my contest entry I have come up with this little tutorial on how I achieve my striping tape holiday mani!!  First I will explain step-by-step, then I will show the pictures of the steps.  Here is how I do it:
1. Paint a base color on your nails
2. After the polish is COMPLETELY dry you lay your striping tape according to the design you want to achieve
3. Paint different colors between the tape where you want that color to be (you could also just paint one solid color over the entire nail)
4. I only do one nail at a time because immediately after painting the polish over the tape you want to remove the tape.  If you let it dry it may peel the polish
5. If you would like to add dots now is the time to do so (I just used dotting tools in various sizes)
6. Touch up any areas that need it and clean up around the nail as usual
7. Apply top coat and you are done
Here are the supplies I used for this one
Here are the picture steps
Step 1
                                                                                  Step 2    

Step 3
Step 4 and 5
Final Results
I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support and all the love!!  I love you all back!!  And this is my first tutorial so please be kind!!  I hope everyone finds it helpful!!  Feel free to share your designs on my Facebook page!!!  I would love to see them!!!  Until next time...


  1. This is SOOOO gorgeous!!!! Awesome tutorial!!!!

  2. Wow!!! You really have great sense of creativity. Thanks for this tutorial. I am going to try this out. Hope it looks good just like this.

  3. So super amazingly gorgeous!! And fantastic tutorial too!! :D

  4. Love this!! Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster Award, Check out what you have to do here....

  5. Wow! Thanks for showing us how to do this, I would have never figured it out. Just waiting for my tape to come.